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5 Things to Consider When Purchasing Lighting in 2021

Lights do a lot more than just brighten up a darkened space. The lighting of any home can affect both the atmosphere and feel of a room. The right lighting can leave even a small space feeling open and roomy, making it an inviting place to live and work in. As well as this, the kind of light fittings you pick for your home go a long way in cementing an interior’s aesthetic. As such, there are many things to consider when picking light fittings for your home. But, that doesn’t mean purchasing the perfect lighting has to be complicated. Here are five things to consider to help you find the right home lighting.

Light Fittings - Table Lamp

How to Pick the Perfect Light Fittings

Firstly, you’ll want to consider design. You’ll want to match your lighting with your home’s character; whether that’s rustic or contemporary, with natural or bold colours. For mounted lights, you’ll want to choose between flush mounts for a particularly modern look, or opt for pendant lights and even chandeliers. In each case, you’ll want to take ceiling height and room size into account. With the huge variety of floor and table lamps available, you’ll be sure to find styles that complement your pre-existing furnishings and lighting. Finding lighting that complements your home’s unique style will help create that wow factor that every designer strives for.

Performance is another key factor, and goes hand in hand with another major consideration: eco-friendly bulbs. A high performing bulb with a high energy rating will help illuminate your home without wasting energy. Incandescent bulbs provide lots of warm light with good energy efficiency. LED bulbs also perform particularly highly in this area. With your lighting set to last you a long time, a high-performance light with a good energy rating will help drive down bills over time, without sacrificing on your home’s warmth and brightness.

Create a Dazzling Home with Clarkes Lighting

Finally, when buying light fittings, you’ll no doubt want to get the best value for your money. Hand in hand with this consideration, and to turn your lighting plans into reality, you’ll need to pick the right lighting shop. This is where Clarkes can help.

At Clarkes Carpets we stock over 250 lighting fixtures, from floor and table lamps, to wall mounted lights and ceiling fans. Across our fixtures you’ll find a diverse array of styles from some of the UK and Europe’s top designers; displayed in 21 different room sets. For over five years, our purpose-built showroom in Romford has been the area’s go-to spot to find inspiration for home lighting. Whether you already have lighting plans, or need some design help, you can book a free consultation today for expert advice on all aspects of home lighting and more.

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