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Stunning Bedside Lamps: Our Guide to Choosing


In order to bring out the character of your room you need the right kind of lighting. With stunning bedside lamps, you can not only transform the look of your room but also improve its functionality. The right lamp, coupled with something like a chic modern rug, can bring your room to life, but there are several things you need to consider first. Therefore, here is our guide to help you choose the right lamp for your room.


Stylish Modern Table Lamps with Grey Lampshade and Copper Base



Lamps not only offer lighting for your room but they are also decorative items in themselves. Therefore, you need to consider both the look of your lamp as well as how well it functions. Consider the décor of your room: is it modern or more traditional? Does it reflect a minimalist style, or is it more ornate? Sleek, chrome lamps are more suited to modern décor, while ceramic bases and glass shades will suit the traditional look better. Keep in mind that if you choose more than one lamp they don’t have to match perfectly. Instead, pick lamps of similar colours and shapes that will blend well together.



Another factor you need to consider when deciding on lamps to go in your home is their size. There is no point trying to put a lamp in your room if there is nowhere for it to fit. In addition, a lamp that has not been measured for its space first can look out of proportion with its surroundings. Make sure the lamp you choose is a suitable size for its location. For example, instead of a huge lamp in a small room, choose a lamp that is slender in design. If you have a large room, choose a lamp that is large enough to make a statement and won’t look lost.


Placement and Design

Where you choose to place your lamp in your room can enhance it in any number of ways. If you choose to place your lamp in a dark corner it can make the space feel larger. Table lamps next to seating areas help to make them the focal point of the room. Keep in mind that different types of lamps will enhance the room in various ways. Living room lamps help complement the ambient lighting of a room and create a warm atmosphere within, while dining room lamps can evoke an intimate mood. Bedroom lamps are great for reading plus creating a relaxing atmosphere before bed, while desk lamps function mainly to help avoid eye strain while working. All in all, the design of your lamp and its placement in the room are vital in creating the right amount of lighting and ambiance in a room.

Here at Clarkes Carpets we have a fantastic range of stunning bedside lamps for you to choose from. We have over 250 varieties of lamps that are suitable for any room in the home. To find out more about our table lamps come visit our showroom in person or get in touch with us today.

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