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Choosing the Best Hard Wearing Carpet

When picking out a carpet for the home you more than likely think about the colour, the style and the feeling under your feet. But making sure you pick the right carpet for a room comes down to much more than shades.

Certain areas in the home will have much more foot traffic than others. Take the stairs for example. From the bustle before school, to last thing before bed, a staircase sees a lot of heavy use.

These kinds of high traffic areas include things like hallways and living rooms too.

In these kinds of areas, the softest, thickest kinds of carpets are not often the best choice. You’re much better off picking a durable, hard wearing carpet instead.

But why is this? And how do you make sure you pick the best hard wearing carpet?


Berber Loop Pile Stair Carpets installed by Clarkes Carpets in Essex


The Importance of Hard Wearing Carpet

Carpets are worn down by foot traffic every day. But in less busy spaces, we rarely notice this.

Hallways, stairways and living rooms however are much more likely to show the effects of wear and tear. We use these spaces more often. Our guests do too. And finally, people are much more likely to have their shoes on around these areas.

The best hard wearing carpets are not just durable. They’re made to hide the effects of heavy foot traffic. So, what kind of carpet should you be looking for?

Cut pile is a durable option that comes in all kinds of styles. A plush cut pile carpet offers a smooth, formal finish. But if you opt for a twist or frieze you’ll be treated to a textured finish that hides the effects of shading and tracking.

Alternatively, you could choose to work with loop pile. The loops in this carpet create a smooth, soft feel that doesn’t have to sacrifice on strength. A level loop pile is perfect for busy areas and will hide footprints. A multi-level loop pile offers similar strength with a slightly different texture.

These two types of carpet share a few characteristics. For one, they’re short. This helps them hide footprints, and help you keep them clean.

But there are a couple of other things for you to think about, whichever style you choose. The colour and fibres you choose will also make a practical difference to the upkeep of your carpet.

Source the Best Hard Wearing Carpets with Clarkes Carpets

Deciding on the right carpet for your halls and living room can be a bit of a bother. With so much choice and so much to consider, how will you know you’ve found the best hard wearing carpet?

Fortunately, if you’re searching Essex for carpets, Clarkes Carpets and Flooring can lend a hand. Contact us today and speak with our experts to find the best hard wearing carpet for your home.

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